Exploring female sexuality

Wonder Womxn I: Sawa and Husalia

Get to know the womxn who tie, teach and perform shibari. In this first piece learn what is the connection between rope and martial marts, body handling and knowledge about pain

What is shibari

A brief history and basics of shibari / kinbaku

Domination and defiance

Story 3 of our SLUT series, in which Vanessa travels to a different town to experience an intense domination weekend

how to's

4 tips on buying sex toys for the holidays

How to make an informed decision on what is body-safe, how to share toys, and what common allergies are out there


European Rigger & Model Exchange (EURIX) XIII

Interview with Felix Ruckert, the organizer of EURIX on bondage and sex positive spaces

touch tips #2: Eva

womxn sharing how they masturbate and what works for them and might work for you

what is

touchpoint - a town hall about sex

An interview with Jared Weiss, the host of a New York based Town Hall where people share their stories about sex and relationships

how to's

touch tips #1: Ugly Unicorn

womxn sharing how they masturbate and what works for them and might work for you

the soldier and the sadomasochist

Story two of Vanessa's exploration of her sexual identity

what is

What is BDSM and why do I like it

What does BDSM stand for, what are all its categories, SSC vs RACK, subspace and how to get there

How is SESTA/FOSTA harming sex workers in USA

About a slut

First story from our series about sex work, sexuality, and exploration

what is

What is pelvic floor health and how does it relate to motherhood, sex and aging

5 questions with: Estrella Jaramillo from Bwom