Exploring female sexuality

What a way to make a living

Fact is that I didn’t enter into sex work through downfall, abuse and lack of self-respect, on the contrary.

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touch tips #1: Ugly Unicorn

womxn sharing how they masturbate and what works for them and might work for you

the soldier and the sadomasochist

Story two of Vanessa's exploration of her sexual identity

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What is BDSM and why do I like it

What does BDSM stand for, what are all its categories, SSC vs RACK, subspace and how to get there

About a slut

First story from our series about sex work, sexuality, and exploration

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What is pelvic floor health and how does it relate to motherhood, sex and aging

5 questions with: Estrella Jaramillo from Bwom

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How Other Nature is creating a safe space for sex education in Berlin

There is nothing new about the idea of enhancing your or your partner's pleasure!

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Sober sex

Among all the ups and downs of a freshly sober alcoholic, one of the most challenging experiences turned out to be dating.

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Corvette le Face on life as a burlesque dancer in New York

Tease is the physical manifestation of confidence because you know you have something they want and you’re going to make them wait for it, beg for it


Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage @Other Nature in August

Shibari is the art of Japanese rope bondage. It is often used as a component in BDSM play and an enhancement in sexual activities, but can also be performative and visually beautiful to watch.

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ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is usually experienced through a relaxing tingling all over your body or head. It is a very calming sensation that washes over you.

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What is a pleasure box?

The subscription service for pleasure - Unbound boxes. To close the orgasm gap, give women more satisfaction, and guide them through the process of self love Polly Rodriguez founded Unbound.

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What is feminist porn?

75 million people visit pornhub every day, and the site is the worlds 40th most trafficked site. Even though numerous religious organizations, conservative political leaders, and even some radical feminist groups try to convince us that porn is evil